Video // Skylander Queen


When General Mills told us that they were putting a Skylanders card game into their boxes of cereal, we said “Skylanders what?” We hadn’t heard of the video game, but my little Rockwell was quick to explain how cool the characters are, and how fun the game is. After weeks of research, we’re ready to… [READ MORE]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Screen shot 2015-02-13 at 5.46.47 PM

Hey friends! Happy Valentine’s Day! We usually share prints on Friday, but since Valentine’s Day was so close, we decided to share a couple cards today from Jamie Bartlett of A Pair of Pears. The are simply cute, but straight to the point. We love that, the perfect way to let someone know you love them!… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // Follow Up To Toddler Stylist


It’s been a crazy few days, with my original article going viral, showing up everywhere from The View, to Reddit, to Even more miraculous are all the other moms trying it out for themselves. Because of this success, I thought it would be worth doing it for one more day, letting Rockwell pick… [READ MORE]

How Not to Do Your Laundry


While I was in Salt Lake City, UT for Alt. Summit, I had the opportunity to get my picture taken by Cindel of Thrill Photography. I had just bought this crazy awesome vintage dress from Decades, she picked up some props, and we headed over to a laundry mat to snap some pictures. Hope you… [READ MORE]

Video // Accessorizing With Glasses

Accessorizing with Glasses

Check out our newest video, where we share our tips on accessorizing while wearing glasses. This can be kind of tricky territory that usually requires some trial and error. But until then, here’s some short cuts to finding the right balance. In the end it’s less about “rules” and more about figuring out what makes… [READ MORE]

Video // How to Make Kid Artworks into Masterpieces

Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 2.53.10 PM

Today we share how to turn your toddler’s artwork into a masterpiece. Keeping our kid’s art on the fridge wasn’t enough, we wanted to display them and show off those creative little artist.  So we had our adorable toddlers paint on a nicer paper, and then had their art professionally framed! Framing done by Framebridge. (get… [READ MORE]

9 Ways to Mix & Match Your Wardrobe Staples

5 closet pieces_Jan 2015-36 web

Here are a few shots from my recent Babble article. Photos by Michelle Herrick, and make up by Lindsey Forrest Bouffard of Painting You Pretty.  Read the whole article here.  Sweater from Boden, $32 / Tee from Olive Lane, $24 / Skinnies from Madewell, $135 / Skirt from Shabby Apple, $88

Dream it


“If you can dream it, you can do it. ” What a great quote from the ultimate dreamer himself, Walt Disney. And we just love this gold print from Card of Gold Paper Co. Isn’t it lovely? And we love how they choose their gold lettering perfectly. So today, let’s dream and makes things happen!… [READ MORE]

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