Prince Tribute – Mom Parody

We’re both Prince fans, and have loved his songs forever! We wanted to create something to send our love to him, and being the silly ladies we are, mom parodies are what we do. So here’s our tribute, the only way we know how. We hope you enjoy our I wanna be Your Lover (Mother),… [READ MORE]

Mother’s Day Brunch Tips


This year Minted helped us host a Mother’s Day brunch. We’ve both been super busy, who isn’t? So we decided to also invite a few of our favorite talented friends to help us celebrate and use their talents to lighten our load. (Make sure to go all the way to the bottom to see the… [READ MORE]

DIY // Earth Line Drawing

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 8.39.58 AM

Earth Day is a time to celebrate this amazing planet we get to live on, and think about how we can be better stewards to it. For our part, we wanted to create a simple artwork that you could DIY using recycled products and your imagination. First, what you’ll need: dark recycled paper, Pentel Slicci Metallic Gel pen,… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // The Great Wall of China


Here’s the first video from our trip to Asia. We were able to visit The Great Wall of China, and it was such a memorable and fun experience. If you’re thinking of going with toddlers, Mutianyu is a great choice. You don’t have to hike up to the wall, instead you get to ride a… [READ MORE]


Things Mom's Lie About

Lying is bad, and lying to your children is wrong. And yet, moms tell some pretty big whoppers to their children… for cooperation, for their own safety and sometimes out of desperation. So today we share with you some of the funny mom lies that we’ve heard, and maybe even a few of them we’ve… [READ MORE]

Spring Hair! The Slicked-Back Braid and Voluminous Blow Out


SUBSCRIBE for more videos! CHECK OUT our other fashion videos here. Are you ready for some Spring Hair?! Summer and Brooke show you two contrasting styles, the super chic slicked back braid and the bouncy voluminous Blow- Out! Thank you to Schwarzkopf for sponsoring this video! Enter the Schwarzkopf Get the Runway Look Contest… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // Mom Fashion Tips (Or How To Cover Up A Stain)


Brooke and Summer share their mom fashion tips that they had to learn the hard way, mainly from trying to cover up a variety of stains. We love each one of their sticky little fingers, and also love trying to find ways to stay stylish. We hope these tips give you a good laugh, and… [READ MORE]

Video // 90′s Thrift Haul w/The Sorry Girls

90's Thrift Haul with the Sorry Girls

We always look a good thrift haul! In today’s video we head to Goodwill, with our new best friends, The Sorry Girls! Take a look at what we find: boots, high waisted jeans, dresses, hat with a flower, and more 90s fashion goodies! What are your favorite 90s fashions?  

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