VIDEO // DIY Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Thanksgiving Tablecloth DIY

Brooke and I are big fans of Thanksgiving, and not just because of the food. Okay, most of it has to do with mashed potatoes and stuffing, but the other part of it has to do with getting together with friends and family. Our latest DIY, this Thanksgiving Leaf tablecloth, is sure to add those… [READ MORE]


Healthy Grocery Girl and Girls with Glasses!

Howdy! Feels like fall is really starting to happen, at least in southern california, are you feeling it? In other parts of the country it’s probably starting to feel like winter. Yikes! But it’s hard to believe we are already through Halloween and onto thanksgiving which is also basically Christmas. Which is super exciting but… [READ MORE]


Welcome to The Girls with Glasses

Greetings friends! We we’re just watching our old intro video and we felt like it was time to give it a fresh update, so that’s what we did! Find out all about how it all began and how we have evolved from simply girls with glasses  to moms with glasses! Whether its DIY, beauty, fashion,… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // Find Some Treasure


It was a magical day in Seattle, WA. The beautiful ocean, and rocky sea shore was the perfect backdrop, but you can make a magical afternoon wherever you are. All you need is: a piece of paper for the map, a bottle to hide it in, a treasure box with goodies, a paper towel tube,… [READ MORE]


Store B Vintage

Summer and I  took a trip to Chicago last month to be on the Steve Harvey Show. Summer was born and raised in Chicago and so it was really fun to go back to her hood and grab a slice of pizza and do some vintage shopping! Two of our favorite things to do when… [READ MORE]

My Favorite Things In Arizona


I had mixed emotions about saying goodbye to Arizona. It’s been a good few years being based in the small town of Gilbert, which is in the east valley of Phoenix. We’ve met some good people, worked with local creatives, and enjoyed calling this half suburbia, half farmland home. Because of our family in the… [READ MORE]

Video // 3 Healthy Snacks To Avoid Being Hangry!


We are always trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Being active daily and eating food that’s good for us. When you’re hangry you tend to grab anything in sight, but if you have a few go-to snacks up your sleeves you’ll make better food choices. We share our 3 favorite snacks: trail mix, chicken jerky,… [READ MORE]

Video // Let’s Have an Apple Party!


We are really excited to share our latest video, all about apples! Thanks to Chinet and Ulive for having us!! Photos by Bryan Dale. Plastic Plates and Cups from Chinet and Gold stirrers from Gnome Sweet Gnome. #sponsored by Chinet

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