VIDEO // What To Wear On A Cruise

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We love dressing with a theme, so of course our cruise fashion tips start with the nautical trend, but we don’t stop there. From our Carnival cruise, we share easy pieces that don’t wrinkle, practical things to think about, which shoes to throw in your bag, how many bathing suits you should include, and even more things that you… [READ MORE]


Artsy Smartsy

We’re not Picasso, but we’re still artsy. We’re not Einstein, but we’re kinda smartsy, We’re Brooke and Summer, we’re Girls with Glasses. We’re Artsy Smartsy yeah, let’s get creative! We’re super excited to tell you about a fun new series we are doing with the Kin Community. We’re calling it “Artsy Smartsy”, where we show… [READ MORE]

Mom Jeans


Thank you to Katina Patriquin for photographing this story, and to my models Destiny of Just Destiny Mag, Madeleine of Alexandra Fashion Co (both pictured below), Reachel of Cardigan Empire, Alex of AVE Styles, and Brooke White! To see all the pictures and clothing credits check out the babble article 6 Moms Share Their Favorite Jeans and How to Wear Them.  

Toddler Fashion

toddler fashion-8

I had so much fun coming up with my favorite tips for dressing my toddlers, and art directing a shoot with a few of our little cuties, and friend’s little cuties! See a few of Michelle Herrick‘s beautiful photographs below, but for all the pics and tips, read the full article over at 9 Tips for… [READ MORE]


The Girls with Glasses in Miami #greatbodendiaries

In another life, I lived in South Beach, Miami, for a few months. I modeled during the day, danced during the night and took the occasional impromptu midnight swim. Brooke had travelled through Miami while doing the American Idol tour, but wasn’t able to explore it. What a difference a few years and three beautiful… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // Capturing Your Cruise

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A cruise only lasts a few days, but the pictures last forever. We share a few tips on getting the best photos on your cruise, and tell you the 5 best places to take those pictures on the ship! Some shots are easy, and some proved to be a little more difficult, but either way,… [READ MORE]

Stay Glassy


A couple weeks ago we shared the fun news that we collaborated on a print with Lindsay over at Lindsay Letters.  And of course, it is a very fun glassy print, and wanted to make sure no one missed out on it! So today, we bring to you this print for all you glassy ladies out there who are… [READ MORE]

The Great Boden Diaries!


   We’re both really excited to announce that we will be collaborating with Boden and several other great bloggers for “The Great Boden Diaries“! We’ll be covering everything from fashion how-tos to extraordinary getaways, interviews with fabulous ladies and inventive ways to transform the world around you! Ahead of our first feature for The Great Boden… [READ MORE]

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