We Let Our Toddlers Do Our Makeup!

I don’t think we really knew what we were getting into when we told our toddlers we would let them do our makeup. Brooke’s daughter, London, is three, and was the leading force of this #toddlermakeup movement. While my boys, Rockwell, 4, and Phoenix, 2, were less enthusiastic, but still game to experiment with mommy’s… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // Super Kiddos (Super Mom Music Video)

GWG Delmonte web-8764

We love to create original songs. This music video is sponsored by Del Monte, and was inspired by new Del Monte Fruit and Veggie Fusions, a taste blend of lightly sweetened vegetable and fruit juice and fruit in each cup. They are the perfect sidekick to accompany your Super Kiddos through their busy days and… [READ MORE]

New Blogger House Tours!!!


I don’t remember if I shared Carly Crismon’s house tour. She’s a fellow midwesterner, and she has great home decor style. She always keeps a neutral color palate, and instead of color plays with textures with glam touches. Check it out! AND today Reachel Bagley, of Cardigan Empire, is launching her house tour. She’s one… [READ MORE]

Kerry & Summer Discuss Marriage and Creating Together


We were interviewed by one of my favorite photographers, Michelle Kim. She asked us a bunch of questions about working together, and being married. Below is a small excerpt. For more click here. How do you have a successful business and marriage simultaneously? S: We work together, and we parent together, there’s not a lot… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // Satisfy Me (Mom Music Video)


We are really excited to share one of our original songs with you! This time, we’ve partnered with Müller Yogurt, for a pop/rap song all about how hard working mommas need a little break. Can I get an amen!! Check out the music video below, and next time you need a little quick time out,… [READ MORE]

A Simple Summer Salad


Summer is a great excuse to keep dinner light and easy. After making lasagna last week, and eating leftovers for a week, this seemed like the perfect easy summer salad to balance out our pasta intake. All I did was mix together baby spinach, diced fresh mozzarella, and yellow cherry tomatoes. For a dressing, you… [READ MORE]

Mr. Kate House Tour!!


If you haven’t heard, I’ve been running around, interviewing a few of my favorite influencers, and getting to share their homes with you. I started in the Pacific Palisades with Shiva Rose of Local Rose, then headed over to downtown Los Angeles with Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Look Book. And now… MR. KATE!!! Mr. Kate is… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // Homemade Lasagna


Check out Summer’s video where she shares her recipe for her homemade lasagna. Here’s what I used, but feel free to tweak the recipe to make it your own: 16 cups of mozzerella cheese, 1 cup of parmesan cheese, 2 large cans of tomato sauce, splash of alfredo sauce, two tomatoes, a white onion, 1… [READ MORE]

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