Thankful Heart


“Live each day with a thankful heart.” Beautiful words, and a great reminder to be thankful each day. So simple, but it can really simply slip our mind to live in a thankful way. Also, isn’t this hand lettered wall print by Jenny Highsmith from Maiedae just lovely!? So many great encouraging prints on Maiedae if… [READ MORE]

How to Pick a Pair of Sunglasses

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.24.59 PM

Brooke and I love glasses, thus we named our show “The Girls With Glasses Show,” but we are OBSESSED with sunglasses. Living in Arizona, I can’t go anywhere without some shades on. People ask us if our video on Picking the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape rules are the same for sunglasses. For us,… [READ MORE]

Video // How To Be a Good Friend

Best Friends

First, you can buy our adorable shirts at Indie Nook. They’re cute. Second, watch our video below about being a good friend. It’s our longest video yet, but it was just super hard to cut down. A lot of good nuggets of insightful info (if we don’t say so ourselves). What do you think about… [READ MORE]



Follow your dreams! Do it, it’s never too late. We love this inspirational print from Printable Wisdom. So encouraging for today, we all could use a reminder. And would you look at the lovely calligraphy! Love it! So today go and  follow those dreams of yours! Happy Weekend, and stay glassy! Via Printable Wisdom  X The… [READ MORE]

Video // Kate Middleton’s Style


Shirt available at Shabby Apple for $34 / Similar skirt available at Zara for $39.99 / Shoes available at Gap for $59.95 To see more looks, check out my full article on 7 Tips for Nabbing Kate Middleton’s Style over at Special thanks to: Breanne of Red Poppy Photo for taking all the stills, including the one above,… [READ MORE]

Our Instagrams

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 12.12.45 PM

So here’s a little glimpse into what we’ve been doing lately. Yup, it’s a good ol’ update with some snapshots from our personal instagrams! Lots of summer fun, and yummy goodness! P.S. We recently changed our instagram name to thegirlswithglasses. If you follow us already, you will keep following us, but  you will just see a… [READ MORE]

Choose Happy


Let’s choose to be happy today! A great print from The Crooked Nook.  Seems like easy advice, but choosing to be happy sometimes can take a little self encouragement. We did a video recently about how to be happy, and knowing what are your happy tools are. We all have bad days, but knowing what those… [READ MORE]

VIDEO // Girl Crush


I first read about Little Miss Momma’s girl crushes here and thought, that would be a cute video! So Brooke and I recorded our’s (Brooke in Westlake, CA and me in Gilbert, AZ) and we asked two of our favorite people to record their’s too. Check out who Alison of the Alison Show and Dayle… [READ MORE]

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